Who we are

We are a group of people who’ve been working in tourism for many years, in various areas: Travel Agencies, Hotels and Airlines; we started this initiative with the conviction that tourism begins and ends with the traveler, the individual. We understand tourism from the eye of personal experience, and our objective is to have each person that contacts us and travels with us fulfill their dreams and expectations and feel the realization of an objective met, in order to complete their experience.

Our success lies in being at the disposal of each traveler, by phone, email, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Facebook. They select the medium, we supply the answer.

They select the medium, we supply the answer. We look forward to your decision to kick start your satisfaction.

We speak from experience since everyone lives their own, the same place, same hotel, same personnel, and the same day can all generate different experiences. What we propose is to reach maximum satisfaction in all, each in their own way.

Wall Street Wall Street as the most famous place and where you can find Battery Park...

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Statue of Liberty «Liberty enlightening the world...»

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Is at the intersection of Broadway Avenue and 7th Avenue...

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The New York Pass