Prior to travelling

Medical assistance

Medical assistance for the United States is not obligatory as it is for other destinations, but highly recommended since any need related to healthcare can be very expensive.

Among the plans available we recommend the ones that include at least $60,000 in coverage, which can cover something simple, and if necessary something more complex as well; dentistry and medications is something to consider as well.

It is always necessary to take into account how insurance companies work, requesting travelers to call their country of origin to report an emergency, providing them with a claim Number which has details of what the insurance covers. This is extremely important since if one doesn’t follow the procedure, they may be at risk of not being covered.

It is also important to consider that in the United States, medical drugs are not sold without a Doctor’s prescription and to get one it is necessary to pay a consultation fee which must be in English and indicate the necessary medication and the amount needed during the traveler’s stay in the country. If for some reason the traveler runs out of medication during their stay, they will have to pay for a new prescription, which is why it is recommended to always travel with your medication if needed.


Although the official language is English, a large number of languages and dialects are spoken in New York. Nevertheless, it is recommended that even though there are people who speak Spanish almost anywhere you may go, to have at least a basic level of English. There are also communication guides that can be useful.


All Spanish speaking countries with the exception of Chile need a visa to enter the United States.

Travel Attire

LClothes can vary from one season to the next during the year but in the general sense it’s always useful to take some type of coat or winter clothes, so that you are not surprised by a cool breeze so you don’t catch a cold. Comfortable shoes to walk around all day in and be ok to walk some more the following day. Some places, like restaurants, events, and congresses, may have a dress code so take that under consideration. As far as travelling for pleasure, informal wear is usually accepted almost anywhere you may go.



Spring time is generally one of the most pleasant times of the year to travel for those who want to escape extreme temperatures. It’s usually cool during March and April due to the intense cold of winter but by May temperatures warm up a bit. It’s a mild season which makes it possible to enjoy everything with ease as service is more pleasant and everyone is much more agreeable, with enough time to serve you well.


New York summers are very hot and humid, with temperatures reaching 86°F in July and is also one of the months with the most rainfall, usually sporadic. There’s daylight until around 8:30PM which allows you to enjoy walking and outdoor activities, for example Central Park. It’s also the season with the highest number of travelers.


Autumn is a classic season in New York since the heat becomes more moderate and Central Park starts showing off its colors as the days go by. Days start to become shorter as well.


Winter is very intense with snowfall that at times can paralyze the city and airports. It has its charm during the holiday season since the climate and atmosphere is unique.

Electricity and Plugs

Electricity works with 100 volts and below there are some pictures with the types of plugs necessary to charge all kinds of electrical devices taken on any trip. Cameras, video recorders, mobile phones, tablets or computers all need charging, something to consider is that all these devices work with 110v-220v, which means that they already include a transformer inside which adapts to the electrical charge received.

For this we recommend buying a universal adapter which includes all the different types of plugs used around the world.

The New York Pass