Central Park

What to do in New York

Nueva York, 10024, EE. UU.

Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States, with over 25 million visitors a year, representing one of the most important attractions the city has to offer. It has over 842 acres to cover and take advantage of in many ways. You can walk as far as you can, you can ride your bike (highly recommended), take a ride in a horse carriage, or even in a vehicle. In Central Park, you have lakes and lagoons, a restaurant, restrooms, monuments, sculptures, a zoo, and an amphitheater where apart from theater acting you can listen to famous musicians and even the New York Philharmonic. Central Park is a place very much used by athletes of all kinds. Park Drive, about 6 miles long, is a place where runners, cyclists, and skaters converge. Normally, every weekend there are races in the park, many of which are organized by the New York Road Runners. Also, the New York Marathon finish line is in Central Park. Many other professional races take place in the park, including the USA Men's 8K Championships. There’s an equestrian group in the park called The Riverdale Riding Center.

Having a picnic in the afternoon is an activity that many people partake in, allowing for a different kind of afternoon in the big city.


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