Contrasts Tour

Contrasts Tour

It operates regularly Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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Departure to New Jersey by way of the Lincoln Tunnel; stop at the Boulevard East viewpoint where you can appreciate majestic views of the island of Manhattan. Then we continue our way to the George Washington Bridge across the Hudson River to the Bronx, visiting Yankee Stadium and the "Apache District" police station, site famous for the movie of the same name where you can appreciate the famous works of "art" known as graffiti. Then we continue to Queens where we will explore exclusive residential neighborhoods in Whitestone. We continue our journey to Citi Field (Home to the New York Mets Baseball Club) and Flushing Meadows Park, famous for the US Open. We make a stop to visit the Queens Museum where we can see the world's largest miniature city. We return to Manhattan across the Queensboro Bridge. Operates Tuesday - Thursday and Saturdays. Children 14 and under.

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