Grand Central Station

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Grand Central Terminal (GCT, usually called Grand Central Station or simply Grand Central) is a terminal station on 42nd Street and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan in the city of New York. Constructed and named after the Central Railway in New York at the height of long distance train travel in the United States and is the largest train station in the world when it comes to platforms: 344 with 67 rail lines all along the station. There are two levels, both underground, with 41 rail lines in the upper level and 26 in the lower level.
When the new Long Island Railway station is inaugurated under the existing levels (see East Side Access), Grand Central station will have 75 rail lines and 48 platforms.
In the 1950's, the automobile boom and the creation of new residential areas made the train fall into disuse and hang by a thread.
Finally, to save the station, it was decided that a commercial zone be built and the office space that had been built in the rear was sold.
Hundreds of people use the station on a daily basis, be it for trains or just tourists who enter to shop, eat at the restaurants or simply take photographs of the building.


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