Times Square

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Time Square is at the intersection of Broadway Avenue and 7th Avenue, the corner turning into an iconic spot in the city, because of the lights, the animation and for concentrating the largest number of tourists and shops, along with Central Park we could say that it's the spot that has most appeared in movies making it unmistakable and familiar to everyone in the world.

In 1992, the Times Square Alliance, in collaboration with the city government, began improving the area which is already a point of interest, for example ABC Studios, where Good Morning America is filmed Live, M&M World, the Hershey Store, as well as restaurants like Ruby Foo's (Chinese cuisine), Bubba Gump Shrimp Company (seafood), Planet Hollywood (movie themed restaurant) and Carmine's (Italian cuisine) along with various movie theaters.

On February 26, 2009, mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg announced that traffic would be diverted along Broadway Avenue from 42nd St to 47th as from May 25, 2009. It was an experiment from the Mayor's office to relieve the area of traffic and to give it a more human touch. On February 11, 2010, Mayor Bloomberg announced that the promenade status of the square would become permanent. Currently, Times Square is a promenade square, where passersby can sit on chairs situated on the sidewalks. Times Square is one of those spots in a city that you cannot pass up, day or night, it's a must see.


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