Rockefeller Center

What to do in New York

Subway: B, D, F, Q on 47th-50th Streets / Rockefeller Center N, R on 49th Street

Location: 50th Street, between Rockefeller Plaza and Avenue of the Americas
Phone: (212) 698-2000
Last elevator: 11:00PM

Rockefeller Center was built by the son of the magnate to be an economic hub second only to Wall Street with 70 floors and a series of 19 buildings. The main building belongs to General Electric which is the one which has the lookout on the 70th floor. On November 1, 2005 the Rockefeller observatory was reopened on the top floors from 67-70. The ascent to the Top of the Rock is very well organized. You can get your tickets early, defining date and time, which allows you to have a very fast line. On internet you are charged an admission fee which includes pictures, which will be sent to you via email as well as images of employees on a steel beams which were taken while the building was under construction.
Admission is on 50th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, where you will find a red carpet sidewalk announcing where to enter. Visitors will then embark on space shuttles, as if they were light and time capsules. Thanks to the transparent crystal roof, participants will witness their own acceleration from the bottom of the elevator until they reach the exterior and the natural light.
Also, four video projectors use the crystal roof as a surface to project quick sequences of images of the Rockefeller Center from the 1930's until today. Safire blue lights glitter from the elevator tunnel while the cabin slowly ascends vertically, symbolizing with the passing of every four floors, one whole decade in time.
In the observatory we can see the city as a postcard of the Empire State with the New York skyline in the background, or northwards we see Central Park surrounded by the city, a majestic priceless image. The observatory has windows which allow for a fantastic view.
It is recommended to go by day to see the city and Central Park and to go at night to see the variety of lights and designs. During the Christmas season, Rockefeller Center becomes one of the most animated and visited areas of all Manhattan. There is where they install the famous ice rink and enormous Christmas Tree seen so many times in films.


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